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Vic, The (The Vic) Old Town:
Popular pub and live music venue...

Address: 88 Victoria Road, Swindon, SN1 3BD
Phone: 01793 535713
Website: http://www.thevicswindon....
Vic, The (The Vic) Old Town
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The Dogbones + So Am I

Formed from members of Wendykurk, Daisy Chainsaw, QueenAdreena, Medi-l B's and Selfish C*nt, The Dogbones have been described as - Johnyfive playin T-rex's guitar whilst Cavemen beat up ...Barbarella with the dead members of The Beatles

When this band played The Vic November last year it was probably the most talked about gig of 2010.

Four-piece rock band from Bath. Vocalist Lisa, with her soulful, powerful and goosebump-enducing voice coupled with the ability to write the perfect pop melody makes an ideal contrast to the bands raw and ballsy sound. With their combined record collection seeing them take influence from 50s soul, 70s rock and 90s grunge but with their feet firmly planted in heavier soil lies the building blocks for the bands sound.

website: http://www.myspace.com/thedogbonesuk  
http:// www.soami.co.uk  

Doors open: 20:00
Admission: 3 (adv)
3 (door) 
Doors: 8.00pm
Please see The Vic website for more information.
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  Vic, The (The Vic) Old Town  
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