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Arts Centre:
Theatre, cafe and library in Old Town...

Address: Devizes Road, Old Town, Swindon
Phone: 01793 614837
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Arts Centre
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Gavin Pretor-Pinney

An illustrated talk on waves that surround us, everywhere; in our seas, sporting events, explosions, brains, and hearts!

We live in a world of waves.

And these waves work in wonderful ways.

They are everywhere: loud and visible, silent and secretive, deep and disturbing, known, unknown, and necessary.

GAVIN PRETOR-PINNEY, author of the best-selling The Cloudspotter’s Guide and co-founder of The Idler, a magazine that defends what is deemed the noble art of doing nothing, takes waves very seriously, in a funny kind of way.

His latest book is The Wavewatcher’s Companion, which, though it may not teach you how to ride a wave, will help you tune into the shapes, colours, and delights of life’s many undulations.

Tickets - £6 (£5)

DOUBLE TICKET - £10 for two events
Gavin Pretor-Pinney at 6.30pm and Kate Rew at 8.00pm

Please contact the Arts Centre Box Office to book tickets for this event or contact the Swindon Festival of Literature for any further information.

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Swindon Festival of Literature 2011
Swindon Festival of Literature 2011 Full guide right here!...
More30 March 2011
Kate Rew
The author and freewheeling spirit, on open water, fresh air, and the best wild swims!
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