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Martin Bell OBE

MARTIN BELL – on A Very British Revolution.

Presented in association with Swindon Link magazine.

When the MPs’ expenses scandal broke, most people were not happy.

In fact, there was an uprising by the people against the political class that bordered on a twenty-first century peasants’ revolt.

Ordinary men and women were shocked, incredulous, angry, and vengeful.

Other than punishing politicians, what should be done?

How can confidence be restored?

Martin Bell OBE, author, respected social commentator, former BBC reporter, and the first Independent MP to be elected to Parliament since 1950, has written a book in which he says, ‘This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to revive British politics, and the rebuilding starts here and now.’

Tickets - £6 (£5)

DOUBLE TICKET - £10 for two events: 

Martin Bell at 6.30pm and Bonny Greer at 8.00pm

Please contact the Arts Centre Box Office to book tickets for this event or contact the Swindon Festival of Literature for any further information.

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Swindon Festival of Literature 2011
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More30 March 2011
Bonnie Greer
The award-winning author, playwright, writer and broadcaster, gives an insight into the life and thoughts of Langston Hughes, and discusses the value and nature of contradiction.
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