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Dylan Moran

Our Mum About Town can't stop smiling after an evening with Dr Cosmos at the Wyvern
Dylan Moran
Wyvern Theatre
Sunday 09 September 2018
Swindon was treated to a visit from BAFTA and Perrier award-winning comedian Dylan Moran when he brought his hilarious Dr Cosmos tour to the Wyvern Theatre last Sunday and a sea of happy faces could be seen long after he finally excited from the stage.
This famous Irish stand-up comic, who is also a writer, actor, filmmaker and artist, got everyone in the nearly sold out crowd laughing as soon as he came out and even before he opened his mouth; there is something about this man that makes you chuckle instantly and it’s likely to be his deadpan expressions and mannerisms.
Dylan Moran at the Wyvern
His observations of the world are so hilariously on point and yet unique that Dylan Moran is the sort of comedian that could entertain even the hardest to please of audiences; with this show he started off by making obsessions about Swindon including the comment “when you come into this town, your functions cease” and then swiftly focused on a couple who came in a couple of minutes after the start time and were headed to the front row with his quick quip:
“You are fine. It’s all the other people here who were early that don’t have a clue.”
Throughout his set (of which we had about 90 minutes of total Dylan time and a well-placed interval in the mix) this epic comic genius made back to back interpretations of life and no subject were off limits; he tackled politics, love, children, young people, older folk and cats (to name just a few).
There were many nods as he talked about the mess that is Brexit and also muttered his thoughts about Trump and Theresa May (apparently she has a face that looks like it is actively trying to get away from her body).
Dylan Moran UK Tour
People also roared with laughter when he talked about the difference between young people and the older generation; his observations of what it’s like being in your mid forties were undeniably accurate – it really is a case of trying to stop bits of you falling off.
He also talked about the concept of looking for love and said that in his day, you would have to go to a phone that was attached to a building and then probably go home after the first meet up if you liked your date as you had no other way of keeping in touch with them; nowadays however it’s all about texting and constant communication and the world is a much more accessible place:
“Me and my wife send emojis to each other but we don’t know what they mean – She sent me a volcano today and last night I sent her a tiger.”
A subject that especially got me and my husband laughing was that of the differences between men and women (apparently his wife just starts achieving things from the minute she gets up in the morning whereas Dylan himself ends up apologising for things he assumed he did during the time he was asleep).
Swindo Mum About Town
But the number one funniest moment of the whole gig, in my opinion, is when he talked about going to the doctors and his experiences with being told how to be healthy; there are many things he should no longer be doing (like eating chocolate for example) but that angers him and he made sure he shoved a slab of the finest version of this treat into his mouth at the same time as talking just to make a point.
However, not one joke during the night was bland and everything that came out Dylan’s mouth was brilliant.
There was simply too much amazing material to mention in this one review. The thing that makes Dylan so special is his dry wittiness that he can turn to any situation (even ones as dark and traumatic as suicide and Swindon got a special mention in that department).
He really does have a skill of taking you away from society’s worries whilst actually talking about the most taboo, worrying subjects at the same time (you have to watch him to believe it and trust me – you won’t be disappointed).
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