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Nuffield Health:
Gym, fitness and well-being centre in Greenbridge...

Address: Greenbridge Retail Park, Garrard Way, Swindon, SN3 3SQ
Phone: 0845 2413899
Website: http://www.nuffieldhealth...
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Digestive Health

The experts at Nuffield Health will be on hand to show you how to kick start a physical spring clean
Good digestion is an essential part of health and vitality as food must be to be broken down by the body in order for us to absorb its nutrients and remove waste products.
It’s impossible to look and feel at your best if your digestive system is under par, so taking steps to rejuvenate your health from the inside out will help kick start a physical spring clean. 

The experts at Nuffield Health are on hand to show you how to get started with their FREE, drop-in, Digestive Health event - open to non-members.
A nutritional therapist will be on hand to answer questions and you will have a chance to sample a “taster table” of foods that can help aid digestion.

You can take the resilience test to find out how you can reach your ideal “rest and digest state” with help from fitness experts who will demonstrate exercises to aid digestion.
Nuffield Health’s Top Five Tips for Digestive Health:

Eat a healthy, balanced diet – Fibre rich foods help with the digestive process. You should aim to consume at least 30g of fibre a day.

Slow down – Eat regular, moderate portions and take your time with meals as the more your chew, the easier it is to digest foods.

Exercise – Regular cardiovascular exercise helps strengthen the abdominal muscles and stimulates the digestive process.

Stress less – Stress can slow the digestive process and lead to indigestion, bloating and constipation.

Quit smoking – Smoking can aggravate bowel inflammations and lead to a rise in stomach acid.
There is no need to book, for more information on this event please call Nuffield Health on 01793 422211 or visit www.nuffieldhealth.com

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