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Date added: 13 May 2009

Alistair McGowan in Swindon 

The man of many parts talks at the Swindon Festival of Literature
Alistair McGowan is known to boast a repertoire of over one hundred impersonations, including such celebrities as Tony Blair, Prince Charles, and many others.
He is a man of many parts, with roles on stage, in radio, on film, and television, but last night he was at the Arts Centre in coversation with Matt Holland as part of the Swindon Literature Festival.
The night was about the book he has just written 'How To Wean You Man Off Football,' where the Swindon audience were lucky enough to hear the extracts before it's publishing date.

The evening ran over due to with Alistair McGowan doing a few impressions, Tony Blair, Moira Stewart and Richard Madeley were just a few.
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