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Deck the halls - but don't forget to recycle 

Swindon Christmas waste collection times + recyling info
The Council are encouraging everyone to do their bit for the environment over the festive period, so here's a quick quide to what can be recycled - not forgetting the tree itself!     
And don't forget - 12th night this year is Tuesday 06 January 2015, so make sure your tree and all the decorations are down by then.
What can be recycled
Christmas Tree Recycling
- large metal sweet tins
- christmas cards
- cardboard
- old clothes (please put them in a bag and place it in your recycling box)
- Christmas trees
- glass bottles and jars
- plastic Bottles
- large plastic sweet tubs
- the casing around the Christmas pudding
- the plastic tray that once held the turkey
- plastic wrapping from around gifts
- plastic fruit and vegetable containers
And what can't be recycled
Wrapping Paper
It could be the gift wrapping itself because it's made from plastic and metal interwoven. But to check, you need to do the SCRUNCH TEST:
crumple a piece in your hand and if it crumples itís foil, and can go into the box. If it expands again, it has plastic in it and has to go in your general waste.
General Waste Collections
Wheelie Bin Swindon
There will be no wheelie bin, blue bag or recycle box collections on the 26th and 27th December. If your wheelie bin collection day would have fallen on either day, please see the Council website via the link below to find out when your collection will now be made.
Christmas Trees
Real Christmas trees will be collected from all households on your normal collection day between Thursday 8 January and Friday 23 January 2015. If your tree is missed on your normal collection day, please keep it left out for collection. Please remove all decorations before leaving your tree out for collection.
An optional, paid-for green waste collection service is now in operation. Only the green bin or bags supplied by the Council will be emptied.
Green waste that is placed in any other type of bag or container will not be collected.
Household Waste and Recycling Centre

The Household Waste and Recycling Centre at Cheney Manor will be open daily from 8.00am-4.30pm with the exception of:
Christmas Day (closed all day)
Boxing Day (closed all day)
New Year's Day (closed all day) 
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