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Fussy Furry Eater? 

Is your cat a fussy eater? Plaza Pets have got all the tips and advice you need
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Many cat owners, up to 75% in fact, believe that their cat is fussy about its food. But did you know that much of this behaviour is due to the fact that cats develop their food preferences at a very early age?
Kittens are heavily influenced by their mothers and pick up the taste preferences of the mother not only through the weaning stage but also before birth. A varied diet for the mother cat (queen) and kittens will greatly aid the variety of foods a cat will like later in life.

For cats the most important factor about their food is aroma, closely followed by the feel of the food in the mouth. The size, texture and shape of dry kibble foods is very important as cats cannot chew, they only bite and crunch the food once before swallowing so it has to be easy to pick up, soft in the mouth and easily crunched.

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Flavour is the least important factor to a cat. Interestingly they also like wet food served at room temporature, which makes sense as that is the same temperature as the bodies they may catch out in the wild! This is why they may appear to turn their noses up at food straight from the fridge.

Good quality food is vital

As carnivores cats have to have a high percentage of animal protein in their diet. They cannot produce taurine which is vital for a healthy heart and good eyesight and so they get it from the amino acids in animal proteins.

Therefore it is very important to feed your cat a good quality food which has a high percentage of animal proteins such as IAMS.

IAMS have recently improved their adult dry cat food formula to improve the aroma, texture and flavours with an adanced new coating and more ergonomically designed shapes to the kibble which suit the cats mouth better.

So if your cat has not had IAMS before or if they have not had it for a while, why not give the new formula a try? We have it on offer in store at Plaza Pets at 10.99 for 3kg or 6.49 for 1.5kg.
Lazzyruss Iams Cat

Plaza Pets recently got to meet the real life IAMS cat named Lazzyruss, a beautiful and friendly Burmese.

Find out more and see photos by searching for Plaza Pets on Facebook.
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