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Date added: 07 February 2013

Chemical-Free Household Cleaning 

Looking for a natural approach to keeping your house clean? We found out more about Libby Chan - made here in Swindon!
Bleach, sprays, rubber gloves - you'll find them all under the sink and in the bathroom of most houses in Swindon.
Libby Chan Natural Cleaner
But in a growing number of them, you'll also find a new, chemical-free cleaner that's turning into quite a success story across the UK. 
My Living Water UK is a local, Swindon company devoted to the wonders of 'libby chan' - a natural cleaning liquid that contains lactic acid bacteria and which is produced using an age old fermentation method.
The result - a remarkable product that cleans virtually anything by naturally breaking down oil & organic waste as well as eliminating (not just masking) smells.
And it's totally chemical free. Something that was very important indeed to its inventors, who we visited to find out more.

Libby Chan Chemical-Free Cleaner
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Purton House Organics
Church Street, Purton, Wiltshire SN5 4EB

Mai Doh Japanese Food Shop
within Blunsdon Indoor Market, Swindon SN25 4DN

For more information on where to buy Libby Chan, just visit the My Living Water website via the link below.
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