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Date added: 12 May 2014

Changes To Swindon Household Recycling 

Recyle box collections now every 2 weeks + Green Waste collection charge
Swindon Recycling
Swindon Borough Council recently changed their weekly recycling collections from weekly to fortnightly from February 2014 onwards & a new Green Waste paid collection service started from 31 March.
This means your household waste wheelie bin, recycling box and plastics (in clear bags) will all be collected fortnightly on the same day.
Blue bag households are also moving to fortnightly recycling, although the collection days will remain unchanged. This will not affect blue bag households rubbish collections, which will continue to be weekly.
Full details via the link below.
Green Waste
New (Optional) Service Started Monday, 31 March 2014

The new and optional paid-for green waste service started on Monday, 31 March 2014, which means the last collection date for all households under the current 'four-bag limit' service was made at the end of March.
The new service costs 40 annually for a fortnightly collection throughout the year (except for a fortnight at Christmas).
This includes a wheelie bin or an annual supply of 100 bags for households that are unsuitable for a wheelie bin.
So far 6,500 Swindon households have signed up.
You can register for the new paid-for service by sending an e-mail with your name and address to greenwaste@swindon.gov.uk  
The service is entirely optional and you register on an annual basis.
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