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Boilers and radiators - make the most of yours 

They can pump out the heat efficiently with a little tlc
Did you know that the average annual gas and electricity bill for a family living in a 3 bed house is over £1,300?
And for most of us, it's the the big white thing upstairs that eats all the cash. Yes, the boiler we all curse when the hot water has run out or the house feels like a fridge freezer. 
But the simple fact is, they tend to be pretty important parts of everyday life, especially at this time of year. So it pays to look after yours.
Has your old boiler seen better days?
Boiler Swindon
Install a new high efficiency condensing boiler
With heating controls and proper programmmer you can SAVE up to £200 off your annual bill.
The beauty being, you can keep warm when you want to and switch it off when you don’t. 
Get your boiler serviced regularly  
This must by done a Corgi qualified engineer, to make sure it works efficiently. So ask for credentials.
This could SAVE you hundreds of £££ on emergency call out costs, especially on weekends and bank holidays. Try to prevent problems before they even happen!
Insulate your hot water tank 
Another largely forgotten item, but there's no point spending hard-earned money heating the bath water, just to let it escape.
Lagging central heating and hot water pipes could also SAVE £30 per year.
Turn down the thermostat by 1°C 
Sounds simple enough, but just a tweak on the dial can SAVE up to 10% off your heating bill, which at today's prices is well worth it. Not even the dog will notice.
Does your radiator radiate well?
Your boiler may be super-efficient, but if your radiators aren't pumping out the heat as they were designed then you're in for one hefty bill landing on your door mat.
Just a few easy things can really help, however.
Bleed your radiators
Radiators and pipes can get air pockets in them, meaning the hot water doesn't flow properly. To keep them working effectively, a simple bleed will release any air. This is a good job to do in the summer so you are prepared for the colder months.
Move furniture away from radiators  
To maximise the heat flow around the room, just use some common sense. There’s no point blocking out all that lovely heat with a big, old sofa. You need to stay warm not the sofa!
Turn radiators off  
Again, simple enough. That spare bedroom, you never go into. Does it really need heating during the winter?
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