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Where to BBQ in Swindon 

No space at home? Then why not take advantage of Swindon's wonderful open spaces
BBQ Guide Swindon
A barbecue in your own back garden is fabulous but what if thereís a special occasion and your garden is too small?
Or perhaps your garden is just too small or you donít have a garden at all?
There are options in and around Swindon for those who want to have a barbecue but cannot do it on their own doorstep.
Lydiard Park:
Lydiard House and Park is the home of the Viscounts Bolingbroke in the west of the town. It was a site that was taken over by the Swindon Corporation in 1943 and itís still a facility open to the townís residents and visitors.
Lydiard Park, Swindon
The staff will welcome anyone on to the park who wants to hold an outdoor cooking experience and is happy to hire out their static barbecues.
Between April and September, these barbecues can be hired for whole day or half day sessions (half days at weekends and bank holidays in June, July and August) and are extremely popular.
So popular that they have to be booked in advance Ė itís just too risky to turn up on the day to see if there are any available.
Designated BBQ sites
The BBQ site is to the right of the car park when you enter Lydiard Park via Hook Street.
The space is open to all, but booked, static barbecues will be marked with your name.
Charges are modest, a large barbecue for up to 40 people will cost £40 a session, and a small barbecue for up to 15 will set you back £25.
No portables
There are some Ďdonítsí which need to be considered.
Fires and portable barbecues are banned and no commercial or charity fund-raising event is allowed.
To check BBQ availability and make a booking, please call Lydiard House on 01793 465270.
Cotswold Water Park:
Here is a site where picnics and barbecues can be done at a visitorsí leisure.

There are several picnic and BBQ areas, most lakeside and ideal in summer.
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