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Working from home 

Could it benefit you?
Just a few years ago, bringing a conventional office home with you would have been impossible. But the internet, and especially broadband has changed all that.
Working from home in Swindon
Can you get more out of your job
by working from home?

Now it is possible to communicate with your workplace from almost anywhere including accessing emails, hard-drive information and generally conducting your day-to-day business without physically being in front of your desk or in the same room as your colleagues.

There is a growing number of people in Swindon who are now working from home for part of their working week and saving time, energy and money by cutting down their commuting time as a result.

- But what is really involved in working from home?
- And does it suit everyone?

As keen supporters of the concept ourselves here at SwindonWeb, we've put together this small feature outlining the main advantages and disadvantages of working from home, and most importantly, if your employer does let you try it, what's involved in making your home the ideal working environment.