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Bathroom Design Tips 

The 5 golden rules!
If a make-over is out of the question and a you've decided that you deserve a completely new bathroom, then don't forget our 5 golden rules.
Set your budget
As tempting as it seems, planning a new bathroom can soon blow your budget, soon try and fix how much you are willing to spend and keep to it. Be realistic on what you can do yourself and what you really ought to leave to the professionals. There are too many half-finished bathrooms in Swindon as sad testament to the saying "I'm not paying someone to do that, when it'll only take me a weekend". Arranging the finance before you embark on the project is also good idea.
Alternative Arrangements
Making sure you know exactly how you and perhaps the whole family are going to cope without a bathroom for a few days is important for domestic harmony. How long will the work take? Is next door an option? It pays to plan ahead.
Plan Carefully
On the planning subject, it sounds obvious but embarking on a bathroom overhaul may well involve builders, plumbers and electricians and the last thing you want is a half-a-job.
Sort out how much space you have to work with and be realistic - you may simply not have enough room for the super-deluxe-super-dooper bath tub you always wished for. Locating the toilet right next to door or the shower door not being able to open fully just to get it in may not be the right options either.
All bathrooms need good ventilation, not only so that you can see yourself in the mirror after you've stepped out of the shower but also for electrical safety reasons as well - especially if you've decided to include a new lighting scheme or even a TV!
..…..and, most importantly, TAKE ADVICE.
If it's a really old bathroom have a preliminary 'dig' about behind the panelling to see if any renovation work is need before you start planning. Ask the plumber or builder for advice.
As far as the content is concerned, the right bathroom showrooms should be able to help you decide on which bathroom suite and layout is best for your house.
Computer design software is also commonly available so that they can guide you through your space options, print it out give it to you take it home so that you can mull over the idea while taking your last bath in your old bathroom…
Bathroom Design Tips & Ideas
Bathroom Design Tips & Ideas Is your bathroom dark, damp and firmly stuck back in the 1970s? - TIPS, IDEAS & VIDEO
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