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Getting Back To The Gym? 

Swindon Chiropractic Clinic return with some great tips for keeping fit and healthy in 2016
Get Fit in Swindon
Thinking of starting at a gym again or for the first time? Then now is the perfect time to find something you like doing that keeps you fit and happy!
Our friends at Swindon Chiro have put together some hints and tips for when you’re on that treadmill, cross-trainer or lifting those weights...
Top Tips for staying healthy in 2016

- DON’T RUSH IT! Start with a low level exercise or low intensity and slowly build up the intensity and frequency of the exercise, your body needs time to adapt to what you’re throwing at it!

- Always warm up first before starting any workout - use a low intensity excercise to increase the heart rate before getting straight in.

- Afterwards remember to stretch! After working those muscles hard you need to stretch them afterwards. Hold the stretch for approximately 20 seconds.

If you have any lingering aches or pains following going back to the gym, give your chiropractor a call.
The world is your gym!

Not everyone has the time or access to a local gym to get that bit more mobile or that bit fitter but there are simple tricks you can do at home to get your heart rate going or increase your mobility. Here are a few;

- Every time you go up a set of stairs, come back down and do it another two times – this is an easy way to get extra cardio work into your every day

- Go on a brisk walk and get some fresh air – this can be done with a friend so you can catch up at the same time!

- Whilst brushing your teeth in the morning try a few squats to strengthen up your legs and the glut muscles.

- Whilst you’re stood over the stove cooking dinner take a few minutes to stretch – be it your low back, your neck or shoulders that feel a bit stiff.
Take a look at some of the easy Straighten Up UK exercises here.
New Gadgets for Christmas causing you a headache?

We are sure you’re enjoying all the gifts and gadgets you received at Christmas this year but have a think how it may be affecting your posture.
Phones, ipads, tablets and even laptops often result in people letting their heads drop forward and down for sustained periods of time causing a prolonged strain on the muscles and ligaments to hold that heavy head.

Pay attention to your posture whilst using these devices taking note on how ‘forward’ your head is in relation to your body. Keep mobile! Every so often look in both directions and take your left ear to left shoulder and right ear to right shoulder to ensure mobility into the area.

Take care in the cold weather

With a cold snap forecasted for this January, it is important to take care to prevent illness or injury – here are a few tips to keep you well and warm over the cold period;

- Have regular hot drinks and at least on hot meal a day
- Keep hydrated
- Wear several light layers- shivering can sometimes make your muscles ache causing discomfort! Wear boots or shoes with a good grip when out in icy conditions.
- Check up on relatives and neighbours who are likely to be vulnerable to the cold weather such as the elderly.
- Check the Met Office before travelling in cold weather for any tips or weather warnings.
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