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Christmas trees and decorations 

How and where to make your Swindon home fit for Christmas
So will you be going for fake or real this year?
Christmas trees
Christmas Trees Swindon
With Swindon right bang in the countryside, there are plenty of local farms offering real Christmas trees for sale - and more than a couple of garden centres with trees faker than Katie Price.
If you've got children actually buying the tree is all part of the excitement of getting ready for the 25th. 
Lydiard Millicent
Big, small, bushy or skinny, Toomers in Swindon have been selling Christmas trees of all shapes and sizes for over a hundred years.
Argyle Garden & Pet Supplies
Argyle Commercial Centre, Argyle Street
A whole range of Christmas Trees with non-drop firs are supplied here as well as other festive gifts including holly wreaths and various Christmas decorations.

And when the festive season is over, don't leave your Christmas tree out in the cold! Do your bit for the environment and get it recycled.

Absolute Rubbish in Swindon offer a Christmas tree recycling service, available in the new year.
Not forgetting our favourite essential item - mistletoe dangling in all the right places!
Quite obviously, you can't miss the tinsel and Christmas baubles on sale at your local Sainsbury's, but if you do want something a bit more authentic there are three shops nearby who sell the type of decorations that ooze just a little bit of class.
Deacon's Jewellers Swindon Christmas Shop
The Christmas Shop
Funnily enough, a place you can buy Christmas decorations, nearly all of which are beautifully made and sourced from Germany and Czechoslovakia.
The Guelder Rose
Wootton Bassett
A shop that makes a real effort at Christmas with some really quirky and quality decorations.
Make your own
Studley Grange Craft Village
We like this idea. And at places like Sparkle Dreams and Pop in and Paint at Studley Grange, just off jnct. 16 you can design and make your own cards, festive banners and lots more - brilliant for kids.
Christmas Wreaths and flowers
There are times when a DIY Christmas just doesn't work and when it comes to flowers and a proper Christmas garland we recommend visiting your local flower shop.
They are bound to have a full range of festive foliage on offer.
Looking for inspiration?
Lydiard House
May we suggest you pop down to Lydiard House over the Christmas period to see just how the Edwardians used to do it.
Open until the 4th January, the house has been adorned with traditional foliage and beautiful Christmas trees decorated with handmade decorations.
The intimate atmosphere of a family Christmas is recreated with stunning floral garlands, a festive feast laid out in the dining room and the aroma of foliage, oranges, cinnamon and cloves.
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Deck the halls - but don't forget to recycle
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One Night In Rio
Chilli Shak 234 General
The Highworth Hotel & Restaurant
Thai Orchid Swindon
20 At The Kings Swindon
The Hair Group, Old Town, Swindon
The Brunel Shopping Centre Swindon