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Date added: 08 December 2008

Pantomime on the Magic Roundabout 

Motorists crease up at Christmas tree cock-up
An attempt to erect a Christmas tree in the middle of Swindon's Magic Roundabout ended in a festive farce yesterday.
Council workmen tried for over two and a half hours on Sunday morning to put up a 49ft Norwegian spruce on our most famous motoring landmark - but gave up after the base made to support the tree broke.
Magic Roundabout Christmas tree
workmen abandon their attempt to erect the Christmas tree
on the Magic Roundabout
calyx multimedia
"It looked like merry mayhem to me," said one van driver who witnessed events unfolding, "it sounds like a good idea, but you'd think they would have planned it a little bit better."
The tree was originally the idea of a number of Swindon taxi drivers, and was taken up by Swindon Borough Council in partnership with V-cars. It is planned to be decorated with 5,500 lights.
"Unfortunately the tree got caught on part of the concrete base, which caused the base to crack," said Council leader Rod Bluh,"it would not have been safe to continue." 
"We'll be trying again on Thursday, when we hope to switch the tree on at 8pm."
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