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The Compassionate Friends 

Swindon help group for those who have lost a child of any age
The Compassionate Friends
A feeling common amongst newly bereaved parents is that those around them cannot truly understand the depth of their grief and that only those who have lost a child themselves can possibly know the extent of their suffering.
At TCF (The Compassionate Friends) they know that there is no easy path through the pain and they do not offer simple solutions. The death of a child brings many difficulties within a family.
What they do offer is continuing understanding, friendship and encouragement to any parent whose child has died at any age and from any cause.
Support is also offered to grandparents and siblings.
Monthly meetings
A local group has been formed in Swindon and has been meeting for 18 months. The group has parents who are newly bereaved and parents who lost a child 20 years ago and those who have lost children aged between 2years and 43 years of age.
TCF in Swindon meet once a month and offer support to one another through their unique grief.
This is what one parent who is a member of the Swindon group has written:
"Our eldest daughter Emma was 32 years old when she tragically died in 2011.
"Emma was a beautiful, happy, kind, caring and loving girl and like all parents we were very proud of her. After her death we were at a complete loss who to turn to for help and support, we were in total despair and felt very alone with our feelings.
"We did not know of anyone personally who had lost a child. As much as we had supportive family and friends, they did not really understand the pain and depth of our loss.
"Soon after Emma died my GP told me about The Compassionate Friends, a charity who offer support to bereaved parents and their families, from bereaved parents who voluntary give their time to help others in the same situation.
"It was with desperation I contacted their helpline and tearfully spoke with a lovely lady who understood exactly how I was feeling, to me this was such a relief.
"The Compassionate Friends then put me in touch with Margaret, who is a local volunteer running the Swindon support group. We meet up monthly which we all look forward to and can help and support each other on what is a life changing journey."
The Compassionate Friends are exactly what the name says and no bereaved parent will ever need to feel alone after the loss of their precious child we are there for each other 24/7.
TCF Swindon local contact: 01793 703744
TCF Helpline: 0845 1232304 which is open daily from 1000 to 1600 and 1900 to 2200)
TCF Awareness Day
Sunday 11 May 2014
Forest Café, Lydiard park
The Swindon Compassionate Friends are holding an Awareness Day on Sunday 11 May at the Forest Café at Lydiard Park. All are welcome.
They will also be selling raffle tickets as a fundraiser for TCF with the use of a brand-new Mercedes for a long weekend being one of the top prizes.
The Compassionate Friends - website
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