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Date added: 19 November 2007

Sustaining the future of Swindon 

Jonathon Porritt
Jonathon Porritt:
expert in sustainability
Environment expert advises the Council
Environment expert Jonathon Porritt inspired 120 directors, senior managers and elected members of Swindon Borough Council today, during a presentation and workshop held to boost the future of Swindon's sustainability.

The dedicated environmentalist and expert on sustainable development, who has been working with the Council for the past three years, delivered an intriguing speech – highlighting the everyday improvements that members of the Council can help implement.

As co-founder of the long-standing charity 'Forum for the Future' and Chairman of the UK Sustainable Development Comission, Jonathon has the vast knowledge and experience required to fuel substantial change.

The focus of the morning's events was on the efforts of Swindon's business and private sectors, and the local and global issues facing the town such as climate change, as well as the challenges posed by growth, waste and transport.
Council members get involved

Lynn Forrester, Sustainable Development Manager at the Council, said: “Our aim is to achieve a minimum of a 20% reduction in carbon emissions over the next five to six years, and Jonathon is the most suited person for the job.”

Jonathon recognises a definite improvement in the town's sustainability since the 1990s, and more importantly he believes that, with the key policies established in cooperation with the Council, Swindon has the potential to become an environmentally, socially and economically-sustainable town.

Gavin Jones, Chief Executive of the Council said: “I feel like we are definitely making a difference, but the value of today's presentation is to realise how we are positioning these concepts across Swindon.

“Talking to Forum for the Future has given us the confidence to raise the bar.”

Sustainability is certainly at the top of the Council's agenda, and with plans for the extensive regeneration currently in place, we are in the perfect position to drive this initiative.
Mel Turner-Wright
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