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Manage your weight in 2010 

Ask anybody what they like least about themselves and the answer is likely to be: their weight.

Even the few people who are satisfied with their weight are likely to have negative thoughts about their body shape.

Tackling your weight problem is much more difficult if you set yourself impossible goals, try to lose the weight too quickly or ignore the fact that eating more healthily or doing more exercise can have a bigger impact on your waistline than the quantity of food you eat.

There are countless diet packages available, but we’ve highlighted three, below, because they all have something in common. In each case, local people have been appointed to help you manage the plan rather than leaving you to cope alone. They’ll supply you with all you need, give advice and – perhaps most important of all – encourage you at every step of the way.

All About W8

All About W8 has become the fastest-growing weight loss programme in Britain – and it’s easy to see why. While many may be daunted by pre-packaged meals and a strict intake rota, All About W8 sounds more like a compromise than a regime.
It includes healthy, hearty but not heavy meals, and the opportunity to add a meal every now and then, and a key part of the plan is education about healthy eating and using that as a long-term strategy to keep the weight off. Contact Swindon consultant Helen Powell  to find out more and sign up.
All About W8 Swindon
All About W8
Modern day ways to lose weight fast!...


Herbalife is a multi-national business that sponsors David Beckham’s team, LA Galaxy, but an important part of its appeal is they like to keep it local.
The nutritional products they supply are more effective if customers also get access to local ‘coaches’, like Graham and Claire Smedley, who live at Calne.
Healthy eating is also central to the Herbalife philosophy, so the Instant Herbal Beverage that comes as part of the plan, for instance, is made from herbs and a base of green tea.
Herbalife Independent Distributors Swindon
Herbalife Independent Distributors
"Looking for weight loss that works? We lost 56lbs using Herbalife and have kept it off for 6 years"...

Cambridge Diet

The Cambridge Diet is probably the best known of all integrated weight loss systems.
Most people are aware that the diet is a specially designed formula food in the form of milkshake, soup, meal bars or a ready made ‘tetra-brik’ drink.
Less well known is that the diet is flexible and can be used alongside conventional food as well as a replacement for all food intake. Perhaps the best news of all is you aren’t left to tackle the diet alone, as local ‘counsellors’ are always around to advise and help dieters. Check out their contact details.
Cambridge Health Plan Swindon
Cambridge Health Plan
Flexible weight management programmes to suit you and your lifestyle...

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