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10 ways to treat yourself in 2010 

Whatever you’re doing to improve your lot in 2010, you deserve a treat.

Learning a new skill, changing your image for the better or working to get a new job are all positive steps that need effort and need a reward, but you don’t reach your goal overnight. So, while you’re waiting, reward yourself for taking those first steps and sticking at it.

But it’s not just about rewards. It’s also about doing something new. Below is a list of ten ideas for treats that would also be great to do in 2010 for no other reason than you maybe haven’t done them before. After all, when we are talking about self-improvement, one really big way to advance is to expand your horizons by experiencing something new and even wacky.

You can probably think of your own rewards to add to your list, but it should give you an idea of the kind of thing we’re talking about. All of them ones can be arranged locally.

Mmmm, chocolate…

Just the thing for chocoholics! The Thyme Treatment Rooms, at West Swindon, offer (inedible) chocolate body wraps.
Thyme Treatment Rooms Swindon
Thyme Treatment Rooms
Beauty salon in West Swindon offering a vast range of treatments from manicures to waxing...

Float your boat

Operating out of Lechlade, Cotswold Boat Hire give you the chance to mess about on the river in a range of different craft, from rowing boats to cruisers – by the hour, by the day or for a whole weekend.

Cotswold Boat Hire Swindon
Cotswold Boat Hire
From rowing boats to weekend cruisers, enjoy the beauty of the River Thames at affordable prices...

Ready for take off

Redlands Airfield, at Wanborough, is the place to go for all kinds of aeronautical treats, including parachuting and skydiving.

Take the weight off your feet

You’d be amazed how much a foot massage boosts the rest of your body. The Thyme Treatment Rooms at West Swindon offer an hour-long Thai foot massage that is not only a treat but is also ideal for stress relief.
Thyme Treatment Rooms Swindon
Thyme Treatment Rooms
Beauty salon in West Swindon offering a vast range of treatments from manicures to waxing...

Can you ride tandem?

If you’ve never ridden a bicycle made for two, do it in 2010! You’ll have to wait until the spring, when Lydiard-based Red Planet Bikes2Go re-open after the winter, but make a date now. The have all manner of weird and wonderful bikes and trikes for all the family to ride.
Red Planet Bikes Swindon
Red Planet Bikes
Mountain and Road bikes for the serious cyclist...

Go karting

Suitable for lots of different ages – there’s even a twin-seat kart for people who can’t drive themselves – karting is great fun and a great leveller, so get together and book a private party. The Swindon Karting Centre, at Wroughton Airfield, has a nice twisty indoor track.

Swindon Karting
Indoor karting arena at Wroughton airfield...

Get some help with the ironing

This may not sound much of a treat to men, but if you do the ironing in the family, letting somebody else take over – even just for a little while – sounds like heaven. Lydiard Ironing Services will even collect and return them, all neatly finished.
Lydiard Ironing Services Swindon
Lydiard Ironing Services
Ironing Service for Swindon and the surrounding areas...

Hire a limo

Get together with some friends or family, jump in and head off. You could take it to the football, shopping or a concert. And don’t forget the sunglasses so that you can emerge looking like a celebrity. For stretch limos try 1st Stretch. For other limousines, try H&F Chauffeur Ltd.
HFC Limousines Swindon
HFC Limousines
Brand new Chrysler 300 (Baby Bentley) Stretched Limousine...

Get in touch with Mystic Ruth

On your own or in a tarot reading evening with a group of friends (up to 12), it can be fun to dabble – and you can do it here in Swindon. Local professional clairvoyant Mystic Ruth provides a wide range of psychic services.
Swindon Chiropractic Clinic
Swindon Chiropractic Clinic
Come and see how chiropractic can help you...

Pig out

Even if you’re trying to lose weight, even if you’re trying to get fit – it’s fine to have a meal out, every once in a while. One meal won’t hurt, and if you go along with your partner or loved ones, that’s all the more reason to turn it into a celebration of what you’re going to achieve in 2010. Check out our guide to eating out before you choose.
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