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What happens when you give blood? 

All the information you need to give blood
Blood donation is simple - but not a small thing to do!
The blood donation process takes from the time you arrive, until the time you leave, about an hour. The donation itself is only 10 minutes.
Here's how...
First, look up when and where you can give blood on our events page.
On the day
When you arrive, you'll be asked to read a number of leaflets and fill in a Donor Health Check (DHC) questionnaire and may have a confidential discussion with a nurse.
All answers will be treated in the strictest confidence.
You will also be asked to read information about donating blood, but you WON'T be asked to show a donor card, driver's license, or other form(s) of ID.
Health history and mini physical
You will answer some questions during a private and confidential interview about your health history and places you have travelled.
They will then test your hemoglobin level. A tiny drop of blood is taken from your fingertip. This allows is to ensure that giving blood won't make you anaemic.

If all is well, you will be able to donate blood!
Giving blood
Staff will cleanse an area of your arm and insert a needle for the blood drawing procedure, the nurses are great and so gentle you won't feel more than a pinch.
You will have 7-10 minutes to relax while the bag is filling.
Once you have donated about a pint of blood, or 470ml (this amount of blood is quickly replaced by your body) the nurse will take the needle out (again this won't hurt) and put a small plaster where the needle has been.
Once you have given blood, you will be asked to have a short rest before being given some refreshments, usually a drink and biscuits.
This allows your body time to adjust to the slight decrease in fluid volume.
What's next
They advise you to hydrate more, so continue to drink water throughout the day of your donation. Plus avoid heavy lifting or exercise, they say it's important not to exert yourself too much for the rest of the day.
Still want some more info?
Watch a virtual tour here
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