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Job Searching 

Finding the right job for you

This section guides you through the job searching process, the essential skills employers are looking for, and the best way to access information and help.
When applying for jobs, employers will look for particular personal and professional skills that will put you above other applicants.
To increase your chances of reaching interview stage, you should try to incorporate the following skills in to your job application and covering letter - and provide evidence of how you have used these skills in previous roles.

* Communication 
* Teamwork 
* Leadership 
* Initiative 
* Problem solving 
* Flexibility and adaptability 
* Being self-aware 
* Commitment and motivation 
* Interpersonal skills 
* Numeracy

JobCentre Plus Swindon
At the JobCentre Plus you will be put in touch with a specialist adviser who will help you in the job searching process, and offer support with all aspects of employment.
You will find:
* Job listings
* Friendly, helpful advisers
* Contact details of local recruitment agencies
* Help applying for jobs
* Jobcentre Plus Jobpoint - a touch screen system with access to thousands of jobs and other useful information
* Guidance on searching for jobs (in newspapers, on the internet, in recruitment agencies)
* Information on voluntary work
* Options for training
* Travel to interview scheme - financial help with travel, if applicable (see link below)
The JobCentre Plus also offers a "Work Trial" scheme in conjunction with a number of companies - where you can offer your services for up to 15 days in a genuine job vacancy rather than just applying for the job.
The scheme is meant to help you show an employer what you're capable of, rather than relying on how you present yourself on paper.
For more information on work trials, visit the link below.

Job searching is no longer restricted to local newspapers or job boards.
With 78% of recruitment companies advertising vacancies online, and around 1,000 online job boards in the UK, the internet is an ideal place to start your search.
If you don't have access to internet, you will find it for free in your local library. To find your local online centre, where you will be able to access the internet, call: 0800 77 1234 or visit www.ukonlinecentres.com.
The JobCentre Plus website offers essential advice on:
* Where you want to work
* What sort of job you want to do
* What group of jobs this falls into
* What job title you are looking for
The website includes jobs from recruitment agencies and organisations.
You can also contact the JobCentre Plus by telephone, on: 0845 6060 234 (8am-6pm, Mon-Fri, 9am-1pm Sat).

JobCentre Plus
Tel: 0845 6060 234
The JobCentre Plus is a one-stop shop for everything you will need to get back in to the workplace.
Direct Gov
Direct Gov offers a simple search facility where you can find jobs in your area.