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New Direction 

Fancy a new career?
JobCentre Plus Swindon
If you've recently lost your job, now could be the perfect time to kick-start a new career - or even start your own business.
Whether you've a hobby you'd like to pursue full-time, or you want a complete change of lifestyle - the advisers at Swindon's JobCentre Plus could help you find a new direction.
When choosing a new career, there are a few questions you should ask yourself:
* Could you turn a hobby in to a career?
* What skills do you have to offer?
* Is there anything you've been interested in but haven't had the chance to follow through with?
* Are there any local companies who run a similar business?
* Do you know anybody who could take you on?
Once you've found the answers to these questions, a specialist at the JobCentre Plus could help find work for you locally - and help you realise your true potential.
Contact the Swindon JobCentre Plus to arrange an appointment, on: 01793 489776.

If your new career requires training that you haven't yet received, help could be at hand.
Not only could the JobCentre Plus help you find training providers in your area, they could also help you find the relevant funding.
Visit the JobCentre Plus website for more info, or use the contacts below.
Tel:  0800 100 900

If you've got specific skills, you could be in the perfect position to go it alone and start up your own business.
But remember - when you work for yourself, you will need to pay your own tax and national insurance.
For more information, click on the links below.