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Swindon Talent Pool 

Swindon Talent Pool
Looking for a job? Tell Swindon's employers all about yourself here
Welcome to the Swindon Talent Pool - a new place where if you're looking a job you can tell prospective employers all about yourself.
A chance to create a free, easy-to-use personal profile where you can shout about your skills and qualifications and reach the people who need them.
Aimed specifically at those actively seeking a new job or career, the Swindon Talent Pool has been developed in partnership with the Swindon Strategic Economic Partnership and Swindon Borough Council as part of 'Pulling Together', a new initiative with one purpose in mind - to help tackle the problems facing local people and businesses during the recession.
Job Seekers
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Pulling Together
A one-stop website for links to Swindon business advice, money advice, help with keeping your home, training opportunities and benefits
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