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Ever thought of the TA? 

The Swindon Territorial Army are recruiting now - and it's paid too.
Contact A SQN The Royal Yeomanry via the link at the bottom of this page.
A Sqn Swindon
Position: All positions
Job type: Permanent part-time
Location: Swindon
Duration: Ongoing
Salary: £35.04 a day rising to £43.54 after training, going up to a maximum of £169.03 a day depending on rank and time served.
In addition there to the daily wage there is an annual tax free bounty starting at £424 after one year and rising to £1,674 by five years of service.
Job Description:
An exciting and unique opportunity to undertake challenging work and adventurous training that allows you gain unique skills and experiences.
No skills or experience is needed to start, all training is provided.
Minimum training is every Wednesday evening, one weekend a month and a two week camp each year.
No minimum term if you find itís not for you, you can decide to stop at any time.
Age range is 17Ĺ to 43 years.
We recruit both males and females.
Key roles and responsibilities that we offer:
Basic Infantry Skills
Military coaching qualifications
Field craft
Dismounted combat
Firing range qualifications
Specialist Royal Armed Corp Trades
Radio operator
Landrover driving
Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear (CBRN) courses
Tactical commanderís course
Additional Driving Licences / Courses
Car licence
LGV licence
HGV licence
Armoured track licence
Minibus licence
Landrover driving instructor courses
Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers Trades
Vehicle mechanics
Vehicle electricians
Recovery mechanics
Endurance trainer leader qualification
Physical training instructor qualification
Administration trained in all military subjects
Computer trained 
Trained as a RLC Chef


RAMC Capbadged
Combat Medic Technician 3 to 1 Courses
RY Capbadged
Combat Medic Technician 3
Stores Person
Fully trained in Logistic store managing

TA Commissioned Officer
Become a commissioned Officer
Skills and experiences:

No training or experience needed to join.

For more info call: 01793 523865 or see the Royal Yeomanry website below.

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March 2011
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