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Date added: 17 August 2010

Businesses Battle To Save Lyneham 

Army plan would avoid potential 90 million-pound 'black hole' say traders
Wootton Bassett business leaders are urging people to join their 'Save Lyneham' campaign.
RAF operations are due to end there in 2012 after more than 50 years, and many believe the impending closure spells economic disaster for the local community.
"We could see a loss of perhaps 50% in places like Wootton Bassett," says local entrepreneur Eddy Shah, owner of the Wiltshire Golf Club.
"The consequences are very serious. The RAF base is essential in this area and businesses of all kinds rely on it. The relocation of thousands of personnel to Brize Norton is a huge blow and we must all act now to limit the damage."
Save Lyneham campaign poster
Army base
Ideas put forward include a theme park on the 2,500 acre site but campaigners are urging the Government to use RAF Lyneham as a new base for the British Army, who plan to return a number of units from Germany early next year as well as merge local technical and supply bases.
"That would be an ideal solution," commented Wootton Bassett butcher, Andy Crump, who also backs the scheme.
"To just see RAF Lyneham close without anything replacing it is a huge concern. Everyone here is so used to dealing with people from the base it's become a such a big part of life here, not least the way the Town turns out to honour those flewn into Lyneham from Afganistan."
A final decision is expected by the Ministry of Defence later this year.
An online petition and campaign Facebook page is available via the link below. 
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