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Date added: 05 October 2010

Is the Hilton the worst place to do business in Swindon? 

After 40 mins, £8.50 for two coffees and £6 to park SwindonWeb definitely thinks so
Fancy a quick meeting in Swindon?
Hilton Hotel Swindon
The type of place where you can have a coffee, use your laptop to check something online and talk for an hour.
Then we recommend you don't use the Hilton hotel just off junction 16 for anything like that unless money means nothing to you.
After being charged £8.50 for two regular lattes (yes, £4.25 each) and £6 to park two cars for 40 mins - plus an offer of £10 to use the wi-fi (which we turned down) - a couple of questions similiar the title of this piece came to mind.
1. Is the Hilton selling the most expensive coffee in Swindon?
2. Should you expect free wi-fi in a hotel if you're buying a drink?
And.... most importantly,
3. How bad an advert is the Hilton for doing business in Swindon, considering how many people must agree to meet there given its proximity to the M4.
When we offered our feedback to a manager at the hotel concerning our experience, we received a polite if ambivalent reply.
“We do offer packages for business meetings,” she told us.

“But I can’t comment on how much you have paid today. I've never had a coffee here in the lobby or used the wi-fi.” 
We look forward to hearing people's comments - especially if you were one of the two smartly dressed gentlemen also remarking on the extortionate cost of two cups of coffee as we left.
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"This post has been up for some time but the point I feel remains quite valid. I would recommend Basepoint on Rivermead Drive, the facilities are nice and there is free wifi and inexpensive drink options to be taken up. Perfect for informal meetings with the option of meeting rooms for £10 per hour for more formal arrangements."
rebeccahalliday - 02/09/2011 14:49:00
"I photographed a wedding at the Hilton 3 years ago and refuse to do one there again. The Bride & Groom had 3 wedding managers in the run up to the da y(all left one after one) and on the day the current manager was not even on duty. Their room was not made. The ceremony room was still being made out baloons & flowers on the floor when the groom arrived 30 mins before. The staff were polite but could not communicate with each other due to their different languages & poor english, therefore it was a shambles. I ended up sorting things out myself out of embarrasment. It's shocking for photography too, outside there are pylons etc.. no gardens. Not a wedding venue so they should never market themselves aso one. I cover many over the UK and this with another venue in Purton are the only 2 I refuse to work in."
mrip23 - 19/10/2010 08:46:00
"I use the Sun Inn at Coate - plenty of places to have a quiet meeting, friendly staff and much more reasonable priced coffee."
davidpreston - 07/10/2010 22:17:00
"I use the Hilton Swindon frequently due to its location to the M4. I must say I found the hotel to be light and airy and the staff very friendly. I like the fact they serve Costa coffee and it is a much cheaper alternative that booking a meeting room."
GSI - 07/10/2010 18:57:00
"Use the De Vere Hotel just down the road on Whitehill Way, Free parking, a variety of cheaper coffees and free wifi all available every day."
Tockall - 07/10/2010 16:21:00
"The Madison Hotel is perfect for business meetings. This is my venue of choice to meet with clients as it provides free WiFi and great coffee @ £2.35 per latte."
Gail - 07/10/2010 10:34:00
"4 years ago when we moved here from Essex, we had friends down and we got them booked in at the Hilton, we joined them on the Friday night and had a meal with them there. On trying to leave the car park we had to pay £11 on checking with the consierge he said that was the charge even though I picked up the tab to eat with the 4 guests that we had booked into the "Hotel". This was due to them having a car in the car park already, despite 2 rooms one car in the park. Like most people would we now book all visiting friends relatives into the Devere or the Campanile. They gained £11 but lost out on many subsequent bookings ."
morsepost - 06/10/2010 16:38:00
"Outrageous! What planet are the Hilton living on? Is that right - £8.50 for 2 coffees? The parking is bad enough. I went to a fair there recently and had to pay through the nose for drinks. It felt like being at a motorway service station the price we were paying. And it cost me over £10 to park. Ripped off, never again. I'd rather go to Blooms for a coffee and thats depressing enough!"
faydee_16 - 05/10/2010 22:43:00
"Try the De Vere just down the road. Free wifi and £5 for a pot of coffee, no charge for parking."
etterhay - 05/10/2010 16:01:00
"at last someone else who thinks it's a rip off!!!! 8.50 for 2 coffees. wifi should be free if you buy a drink definitely. theyre shooting themselves in the foot for charging fo it."
SVemonen - 05/10/2010 15:34:00
"Yes, we have had a meeting here before with lunch that cost over £40 for 3 people, and they STILL wanted us to pay parking at around £8! Ridiculous."
Clarem - 05/10/2010 15:29:00
"I stopped using the place last year - its a rip off. Staff are quite nice, but the prices are just incredible. Pity, because it was convenient."
jamesgarrett - 05/10/2010 14:11:00
'Titter' ye not!
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