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Apprenticeships - KEY FACTS & FAQS 

Who can apply for an Apprenticeship? And who can help?
Training in Swindon
Some of the more obvious questions people often ask about Apprenticeships.
What age can apply?
Their is no age barrier to being an Apprentice. Anyone living in England, over 16 and not in full-time education can apply.
How long do they take?
Apprenticeships are high quality, work based training programmes, that can take between one and four years to complete depending on the level of Apprenticeship, the apprentices’ ability and the industry sector.
How much do Apprentices earn?
This depends on the employer, but the minimum salary is £95 a week. Many apprentices earn significantly more.
What are the benefits?
Apprentices earn a salary get paid holidays receive training gain qualifications learn job-specific skills.
What are the levels of Apprenticeship?
There are two levels of apprenticeships to choose from:

Level 2 – equivalent to five GCSEs
Level 3 – equivalent to two A Levels

Apprenticeships result in nationally recognised qualifications. The courses are designed with the relevant sectors, and training is tailored to the needs of each sector by people who genuinely understand what you do.
What are the qualifications?
An apprenticeship is structured around three components:

· An NVQ – the competency based element of the apprenticeship
· Technical Certificate – the knowledge underpinning the apprenticeship
· Functional skills – maths, English, communications, and IT skills
For employers
Who can help provide training?
Fast Forward at New College Swindon specialise in business training and run a popular apprenticeship programme, providing training - and funding options - for local employers who wish to enhance the skills of their employees.
They specifically offer the opportunity to employers to train employees ‘on-the-job' to meet employer's own internal business needs and exact standards
the cost of apprenticeships can
be partly or wholly borne by the
government - currently 100 per cent
for 16-18-year olds and 50 per cent
for those aged 19-24
Who can help fund an Apprenticeship?
Money is available to help train Apprentices. Fast Forward can provide funding towards the cost of training on an apprenticeships programme.
What type of Apprenticeship training is available?
Fast Forward at New College Swindon offers apprenticeships in the following areas:
- Accountancy
- Business Administration
- Customer Service
- Child Care
- Health & Social Care
- Hospitality
- IT
- Sport & Leisure
Eight Apprentice Vacancies Available!
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