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Date added: 24 June 2011

Eight Apprentice Vacancies Available! 

Apprenticeship Vacancies NOW available through New College Swindon and RCUK SSC Ltd
New College Swindon is delighted to announce Eight Vacancies for apprentices with RCUK Shared Services Centre Ltd (RCUK SSC Ltd), all in the Business Administration area.
Vacancies available are:
  • Two HR Service Delivery Apprentices
  • Four Accounts Payable Apprentices and
  • Two Contact Centre Apprentices are available.
RCUK SSC Ltd is the shared services centre set up by the UK’s seven Research Councils, working together as Research Councils UK (RCUK), to reduce spend on administration by sharing and standardising processes.
Why would you become an apprentice?
Apprentices are able to gain a relevant qualification, and learn the skills of the trade ‘on the job’. With many apprentices spending one or two days in college a week, and the rest of the time working for their employer, apprentices are able to earn a wage whilst they learn.
Apprenticeships aren’t just for plumbers and builders anymore, a large number of apprentices work in office environments, and are learning valuable skills in business administration roles.
How to apply?
To find out more about the Shared Services Centre visit www.ssc.rcuk.ac.uk.
Anyone interested in applying for these positions needs to register with the National Apprenticeships Service (www.apprenticeships.org.uk ) and the apprentice positions can be found under the Learning Provider New College Swindon.
The closing date for applications is  MONDAY 27 JUNE 2011.
New College trains apprentices over a wide range of disciplines, from Accounting to Health and Social Care to Retail.
New College also practices what they preach, and currently employees a number of apprentices to support the Business Administration staff at their Queen’s Drive Campus.
For more information on the range of apprenticeships on offer at New College, please visit www.newcollege.ac.uk.
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