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Date added: 09 November 2011

New Literacy Classes Open in Swindon 

Local business to offer Literacy classes to those who need help with their reading and writing
Swindon Language Centre
A local Swindon firm - Swindon Language Centre - have started offering literacy lessons to those adults who wish to improve their basic English language skills.
There are a wide range of nationalities who come to live in Swindon (something we are very proud of), but not all of these are native English-speakers, and classes such as those offered by Swindon Language Centre are perfect for improving their basic english skills.
However, this scheme is not just aimed at those who move to Swindon from outside the country.
UK literacy levels at all-time low
Government statistics show that literacy levels among adults in the UK are at their lowest, and very little is being done to improve these findings. Swindon Language Centre aim to change that.
Lon Kwantes, from Swindon Language Centre, said "We offer individual, tailor-made lessons to support your Literacy needs, whether itís brushing up on spelling rules, using apostrophes correctly or getting those appropriate tenses just right."
"Having good literacy skills can support you in your career, help with everyday tasks and build self confidence."
For more information, please vist the Swindon Language Centre website
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