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Date added: 06 August 2012

Have A Break, Have A KitKat 

HR Dept. of Swindon explain the best way of rewarding your staff

We are all for ‘credit where credit’s due’. If employees have done a good job on a particular assignment, praise is owed.

Employees at Torbay Hospital were delighted when they received the news from management that they had been named ‘acute healthcare organisation of the year’.

However some employees were not so delighted when they received a voucher with their payslip for one KitKat (whether this was a two finger KitKat or a four finger KitKat is unknown!).

We understand that smaller organisations do not always have the budget to allow for grand monetary gestures, however there are other ways of saying “thank you”.

We would also like to point out that other brands of chocolate are available.

For more HR advice, please visit the HR Depts. website via the link below.
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