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Accounting & HR Help 

Monahans in Old Town offer online solutions for start-ups & small businesses
The thought - and expense - of invoicing, chasing payments, analysing bank statements, forecasting tax and submitting VAT returns to HMRC plus possible staff issues puts many people off starting their own business - or even carrying on!
But help may be at hand thanks to Monahans in Old Town, Swindon, who provide online accounting, bookkeeping financial & HR support for SMEs.
Powered by online accounting software, Monahans can take care of all compliance obligations including annual accounts, tax returns, VAT returns, PAYE and National Insurance so you never miss a deadline or fall foul of tax and business legislation.
Online Accounting & Financial Support
Monahans Business Bureau
You can select your support services from a comprehensive suite of accounting, bookkeeping, finance, HR, employment law and health and safety legislation for small to medium sized businesses.

The packages include Quickbooks, Xero, Freeagent, KashFlow or other solutions depending on your specific needs.

Payroll and ePayslips

Monahans payroll specialists submit over 5.7 million in BACS payments every month, so payroll services can tailored to your company's individual needs too.

And with Real Time Information, they can also help you manage your PAYE systems and implement any necessary IT upgrades.
HR and Health & Safety Support
And last, but not least, Monahans can help you reach your business goals but utilising your greatest resource - your people.

More information on Monahans services plus other accounting services that they offer can be found via the link below.
Monahans - more info.