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Date added: 07 October 2010

'Titter' ye not! 

New course shows how stand-up comedy can improve your business presentation skills - and sex appeal
Stand-up comedy is thought of as one of the scariest things you could do, but Swindon-based company Lemon Squeeze believe that their new seven week comedy course, ‘Titter’, can give anyone the skills, knowledge and confidence to get up on stage and have a go at making people laugh.
So whether someone is looking for a new job, promotion or need to improve their presentation skills, stand-up comedy can help, according to the course founder Sarah Archer.
"It really can help you to get ahead at work as well as improve your health.
"This course isn’t just for people who want to have a go at stand-up comedy, it’s also for people who want to give their confidence a turbo-boost, for people who want to improve their presentation skills and for anyone who wants to take on a challenge and slap it in the face,” Ms Archer said before adding:
"It can also help increase your sex appeal!"
Sarah and Lemon Squeeze also run corporate courses which use elements of stand-up to make learning fun and effective.
Swindon’s first Stand-Up comedy course is will begin on 21st October 2010 for seven weeks.
Classes will be held at the UK College of Personal Development in Swindon on a Thursday evening between 7pm and 10pm and the course will culminate in week seven with a student showcase at The Vic in Old Town.
If you are interested in booking a place or finding out more please contact Lemon Squeeze via their FaceBook page or by calling Tel: 01793 771650 Mobile: 07545 860133
....and how not to do it!
With this story in mind we couldn't help but think of the hillarious David Brent's attempt at using stand-up in the BBC hit The Office when he welcomed 'The Swindon Lot to Slough'
Watch Office clip
courtesy of YouTube 


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