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Apprenticeships in Swindon 

An excellent way of gaining qualifications and workplace experience
Training in Swindon
Put quite simply, apprenticeships are high quality, work-based training programmes that benefit both the employee and the employer.
In this section, we explain what a modern apprenticeship means, dispel some of the myths around them and, crucially, provide information on who can provide the training for local employers who wish to enhance the skills of their employees.
Modern Apprenticeships
What modern apprenticeships are all about and - just as important - what they are not...
Modern Apprenticeships
Apprenticeships - FACTS & FAQS
Who can apply for an Apprenticeship? And who can help?...
Apprenticeships - FACTS & FAQS
The History of Apprenticeships
The result of a 4,000-year evolution that probably helped to build the Hanging Gardens of Babylon!...
The History of Apprenticeships
Case Studies
We meet the people really benefiting from the apprentice programme in Swindon - WATCH VIDEO...
Case Studies
Lord Digby Jones in Swindon
Lord Digby Jones in Swindon SWTV INTERVIEW - Plan 500, The Outlook For Swindon + The Chinese Investment Question...
MoreTV20 January 2012
Doing Time Inside
Doing Time Inside A new book chronicles apprenticeships and training in GWR's Swindon Works...
More31 July 2011
Perfect your pitch
Perfect your pitch New sales qualifications now on offer with Fast Forward - STARTS 14 SEPT...
More22 July 2011
Reducing Costs & Carbon Footprint
Reducing Costs & Carbon Footprint Fast Foward business forum explains the benefits of being green & lean...
MoreTV05 July 2011
Nick Hewer from The Apprentice in Swindon
Nick Hewer from The Apprentice in Swindon Plan 500 celebrates 250 opportunities for young people in Swindon - WATCH SWTV WITH NICK HEWER...
MoreTV29 June 2011
Eight Apprentice Vacancies Available!
Eight Apprentice Vacancies Available! Apprenticeship Vacancies NOW available through New College Swindon and RCUK SSC Ltd - APPLY HERE - CLOSING DATE MONDAY....
More24 June 2011
How to be LEAN - and GREEN
How to be LEAN - and GREEN Fast Forward forum aimed at Swindon businesses looking to grow and save money during the economic recovery - 04 JULY...
More14 June 2011
Key milestone in getting young people back to work
Key milestone in getting young people back to work Swindon employers to be addressed by Nick Hewer from The Apprentice...
More09 June 2011
All eyes on business success
All eyes on business success Jamie Murray-Wells gives New College forum candid insight into growth of Glasses Direct...
MoreTV27 October 2010
Backing Young Swindon
Backing Young Swindon Swindon businesses sign up for Plan 500...
MoreTV10 August 2010