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Date added: 23 December 2011

Doing business in China? 

Bite-size lessons in Chinese ideal for businesses now on offer in Swindon
Swindon Language Centre Learning Chinese
With the East's influence on politics, finance and technology steadily increasing, being able to speak Chinese/Mandarin is set to become a key tool for businesses in the West.
And now the Swindon Language Centre is offering people keen to learn language basics ideal for doing business the chance to learn at their own pace.
Common greetings and more

Using bite-size lessons to help get you on your way, as well as tutoring on the proper etiquette when conversing in Chinese, Swindon Language Centre aim to provide the knowledge to hold a basic conversation in any given business scenario.

Lon Kwantes, founder of the Swindon Language Centre, said "learners can join at any time - each session will be topic based - so if a learner just wanted to learn greetings for example for a forthcoming business trip they could join a single class."
Expanding markets 
Swindon Language Centre Chinese in Swindon
As the second largest economy, many Swindon companies may already be trading or wish to develop trade with China, or any of the many other countries that speak Chinese including Singapore and Taiwan.
Exchanging common greetings when visiting your business partners would certainly be appreciated and clarifying business details could be very useful, but learning Chinese does much more. It gives the learners an insight into the rich culture and way of life. It builds bridges; connects people and promotes understanding.
For more information, please contact Swindon Language Centre via the link below.
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