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Date added: 12 November 2007

Shrivenham Success 

Huge success for small businesses in Shrivenham
Developers of the Shrivenham Hundred Business Park are celebrating the success of their Enterprise Centre, which offers small furnished suites on all-inclusive rents.
Shrivenham Hundred business park
Shrivenham Hundred: business is booming

Catering perfectly for smaller businesses in the area, the Centre was created in an extensive redesign project by the park's joint developers, Chuckmore Ltd and Denton & Gibson Ltd, creating six new self-contained suites – five of which have already been taken over.

Chris Solly, of Checkmore Ltd, said: “We pride ourselves at Shrivenham of the ability to accommodate all types of businesses from new start up to the well established organisations.

“We are always prepared to provide accommodation which is not necessarily available elsewhere in the market.”

Enterprise Centre - office space available
Enterprise Centre: offices
available for smaller businesses
Owing to the success of the Enterprise Centre, six new offices are currently being built as part of the next phase of development, and can be bought from as little as £97,000 plus VAT.
Three of the six offices are under offer, with completion expected in early 2008.

Graham Denton of Denton & Gibson, said: “We always build with an element of flexibility in mind so that tenants' specific requirements can be accommodated.”
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