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Date added: 26 July 2009

Books not bras, please! 

Hundreds protest at Borders closure
Over two hundred people made a silent protest at the Orbital Shopping Park today in a bid to reverse the imminent closure of Borders book store.
The shop is due to shut on 04 August to be replaced by a New Look fashion outlet, but customers and former staff are pleading for a re-think.
The message from five young protesters: 'Books not Bras, please!'
Borders Swindon protest 26 July 2009
  Trying to save Borders:
youngs customers making their plea at the Orbital Shopping Park, while others took part in a silent reading protest on nearby steps
Borders Swindon protest 26 July 2009
Borders Swindon protest 26 July 2009
"It's a fantastic place to visit," said Peter Dilly, who led the protest and who previously worked at the store.
"It's more than just a place to buy books and DVDs, it's a real part of the community. That might sound stupid, but it really is.
"People came here to meet and it's the only place of its kind in the area. And over two hundred people have turned up today to support our plea to keep Borders open.
"I'm not alone in thinking it will be sorely missed in Swindon."
More details on the campaign are available via the Save Borders website, link below.
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"I cannot agree more with the 'Books Not Bras' campaign. There are far too many clothing stores than we need in Swindon, otherwise they would not close. Borders is an excellent store, and the only place near me where I find international newspapers (I am from America) and they are always more than helpful: They are friendly. Kind personnel are few and far between. Daniel Lee"
Daniel_Lee - 29/07/2009 20:06:00
"The Orbital is chav central anyway. It sums Swindon up. I'm surprised Borders stayed as long as they have."
sykesjj - 26/07/2009 21:50:00
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