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Swindon Bargain Hunt - Winter Essentials 

Our guide to the best places to get some quality cold-weather gear in Swindon.
Crikey it's cold out there! And it doesn't look it'll be getting warmer any time soon - especially with snow on the way.
So we've been out - or should we say heading for the warm inside - to the sales at The Brunel Centre & Swindon Designer Outlet to hunt out some bargain essentials for beating the chill this winter.
Wrap up well, Swindon!
Best foot forward!
Swindon Designer Outlet
Chances are it's going to be a tad slippy & wet under feet in the next few weeks, so some proper winter footwear is a timely investment.
First stop then, the Swindon Designer Outlet were we spotted more than a few pairs of bargain boots.
Snow Boots For Her
at Crocs
These surprised us straight away after someone pointed us towards Crocs! We thought... what? Sandals?!
No! Just a really good selection snow boots - some funky, some a bit more OAP, but all at least 30% OFF in the sale. Good start!
Crocs Swindon Snow boots
Crocs Swindon Designer Outlet
More Macho For Him
at Timberland
Timberland Swindon
If you like to imagine your man as the rugged-type as he wades through the snow to save you, then Timberland has everything you could dream of.
Boots really are their thing, of course, so take your pick! We liked this pair the best on their bargain isle at 60 - and still available in all the best sizes.
Timberland boots Swindon
Men's Jackets

Sometimes just getting a man to admit he needs a coat when it's sub-zero is hard enough, so we won't even start on the choice now out there. There's tonnes!
What we are on the prowl for is value and while we were looking for men's boots we noticed Timberland also have an extra 30% OFF their lowest marked price on a seriously good range of men's jackets (see pic. below right).
Lacoste logo
Then we popped past Lacoste and couldn't help but see they have a whole rail of real down men's ski jackets in various colours - reduced from 350 to 95!
The picture we took doesn't really doesn't the yellow justice. It's lovely - and the perfect colour if you get lost in the snow!
Lacoste jacket Timberland jacket
The long and the short of of it!
Winter thermals
Winter thermals
If a new jacket is out of the question, then the next best thing is more layers - starting with the old favourite, the Long Johns!
Mountain Warehouse have a brilliant 2-for-1 offer on all thermal tops and bottoms, so for 20 you can bag what we consider are the must-have items for this winter.
Perfect under a pair of trousers and an absolutely God-send when the wind is really biting. Not bad in bed, too!....
Winter Headgear
Ever heard of a Men's Bowron - no, nor had had we until, again, in Mountain Warehouse we saw one for just 8.69! Great for skiiing or for boys off to school.
Winter hat
The bargain hunt continues!...
Next stop - after a warming cup of coffee at Costa - The Brunel, just a short walk from the Outlet and more January sales!
A winter hat for her? I think so!
A touch of faux fur
at House of Fraser
Now these do look nice! And at 12.00 reduced from 25.00 who can possibly resist one of these Karen Muller fur hats?!
Ladies Winter Fur Hat
Or another winter staple for him - a scarf
If by any chance a scarf wasn't on his Christmas list, then House of Fraser have thousands - or at least it looks like that - to choose from for as little as 10.
Nice coats as well!
House of Fraser Coat
Sometimes Marks and Spencer just comes to mind when you think of certain items, so for something like men's gloves, well, it's a shopping no brainer, isn't it?
And a hat for him! 
John Anthony
And we're not talking bobble! Tweed is most definitely in fashion at the mo and while we were on the top floor of The Brunel we found this perfect addition to any man's winter wardrobe tucked away in John Anthony.
It was 30, though!! So no real bargain, sorry. Failed there!
And finally... the essential, winter essential! 

When it's really cold outside, what could possibly be better than a lovely warm, rose-scented bath to relax in.
So go on.... stretch the budget and splash out on a fizzy bath bomb at Lush for 3.20, go home and turn the hot tap on, grab a glass of wine, lie back and think of..... summer! 
It'll be here before you know it.
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