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Go Organic in Swindon! 

It's Organic September! Here are the best places to buy organic in Swindon...
People across the country are encouraged to make small changes to their lifestyle and support organic to make a big difference for the environment, animal welfare and sustainable food. 
Discover Organic
And where better to source home-grown, organic food than Swindon?
The West Country has long been famed for its organic farming, and Swindon is no exception - the Soil Association even hold their annual conference here.
Timely, then, that we've been out & about to find the best places in Swindon to go organic.
Swindon Pulse Wholefoods
Swindon Pulse Wholefoods is one of Swindon’s leading providers of organic produce. But why is organic food so important? “Because you’re not eating pesticides, and it’s grown using sustainable methods,” says Colin from Swindon Pulse. 
“Although a lot of these surveys say it’s no better for your health than other stuff, it does feel like it’s better for your health – and it definitely tastes better than non-organic stuff.” 

With all these apparent benefits, organic shops such as Swindon Pulse should be thriving – but there’s still something stopping people switching to organic.

“There’s this perceived thing that it’s too expensive, but it’s not necessarily that much more than non-organic stuff,” says Colin. “Maybe in a supermarket, but if you go to a real green grocer there’s not much in it, maybe twenty pence.”

“People will spend loads of money on their car, or their telly, or their sportswear, and food comes down the bottom. It’s a bit of a strange one really, although it does seem that things are changing.”

Swindon Pulse started life in 1976 at Swindon’s old market, in the back of a Morris Minor van, and it’s stayed true to its hippy roots. One of Swindon Pulse’s main aims is to promote a healthy and affordable way of living – and it’s this ethos that has earned it a small yet loyal following.
“Organic food doesn’t always look superior, actually it looks a bit manky sometimes, but it’s not about that – it’s about the taste, and it’s about the ethics of the thing,” says Colin.
“It’s a lifestyle choice that’s becoming more and more mainstream, and will inevitably get bigger. People are becoming more aware of what goes into their food, how it’s made, where it comes from – that can only be a good thing.”
Other local organic produce comes from Helen Browning, who supplies food to Ocado, Sainsbury’s and Budgens, as well as the Royal Oak at Bishopstone; and Coleshill Organics, who operate a ‘veggie box’ scheme, which has been running for roughly 16 years and delivers to around 50 collection points within a 25 mile radius. 
Indeed, Swindon Pulse sources some of its fruit and vegetables from Coleshill Organics, as well as the local Purton House. 
“People come here because we specialise in not only organics, we also do a lot of special diet stuff, like gluten free and dairy free."

"People come here rather than the supermarket because they know that the food they get here will be good quality ingredients – they don’t have to read all the labels, they know it will be safe, and they know that we’ll have it.”

Go organic in Swindon

Eating Out Organic

The Royal Oak at Bishopstone

Tucked away off the beaten track in Bishopstone, the Royal Oak is the only place within 10 miles of Swindon on the Good Food Guide 2016.
Run by the chairman of the Soil Association, Helen Browning, its organic credentials are without question!
Plus.... new in 2016, bringing organic to Old Town, Swindon, is the Helen Browning Chop House.
Helen Browning Chop House, Swindon
Buying Organic

Swindon Pulse Wholefoods

Swindon's local organic and Fairtrade shop since 1976, who also specialise in gluten and diary-free products.

Helen Browning Organics

You've probably spotted this name on the organic bacon and speedy sausages in the likes of Sainsbury’s, Ocado, Budgens and Tescos.

All produced on the award-winning 1,400 acre farm just outside Swindon.

They've even won a top accolade for their hot dogs!

The name Helen Browning is synonymous with top quality and her organic sausages do not disappoint.
All are made preservative-free and contain only organic meat from their Bishopstone farm mixed with organic seasonings and spices. Some are even gluten free.
Best of all, their organic hot dog won Best Innovative Sausage in the British Sausage Week Awards 2014, beating stiff competition from 500 butchers and retailers across the country!
Helen Browning’s organic Speedy Sausages are also available in Sainsbury and Tesco or order online. Best of all pop into Helen Browning's pub, The Royal Oak in Bishopstone, to try.  
Vegetable boxes
Locally grown and delivered fresh straight to your door.
Coleshill Organics

Bunched carrots, courgettes, runner beans, cherry tomatoes - just a few of over 80 freshly grown, organic vegetables on offer here, with doorstep delivery throughout Swindon.
> Coleshill Organics - website
For more information about organic food visit the Soil Association website via the link below
For more information about organic food visit the Soil Association website via the link below
A Food & Family Celebration
A Food & Family Celebration EATING OUT: Home-produced organic lamb now on the menu at The Royal Oak at Bishopstone...
More19 July 2014
Soil Association - website
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