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Tried & Tested - Lush 

Katie Smith explores the best skincare solutions with Lush at the Brunel Centre
Lush - Swindon
Skin care can be such a hardship at times. Whether you are looking for a cure for spot prone skin, or just something to help add that extra glow to your face, finding the correct skin care for you can be more of a challenge than getting down the A419 at rush hour.

Having recently developed quite dry skin on my face, I decided to do a hunt round the Swindon town centre and see where I could get some great tips and hints on what was best for my current skin situation.
Lush - Swindon

Having strolled around the various beauty stores in Swindon, I eventually ended up in Lush in the Brunel. Usually I associate Lush with just Bath bombs and bath products, but having recently heard from a friend that they do skin care I thought I should give it a go.

As soon as I walked into the store, I was greeted by both members of staff, which is a rarity within retail these days. Having been approached and asked what I was looking for, a lovely lady spent a good 20 minutes helping me to choose the best products for my skin. The back wall is full of different toners, moisturisers, cleansers and facemasks, you are sure to find something with the help of the Lush ladies (and gentleman!). Having been allowed to test each product on my hand and knowing that all the ingredients used are natural I knew I couldn’t go wrong with giving the following products a go.
Angels on Bare Skin
I have put this cleanser in my shower so I remember to use it every morning. You take a small amount out of the pot and add a bit of water to turn it into a paste. Rub in small circles on your face and wash up. Being made up of Lavender oil and other natural ingredients, it helps to calm and soothe skin no matter how sensitive it is. The cleanser is £6.40 for a tub that will last you a good few months if the right amount is used.
This comes in a great bottle that has a spritzer lid. If you’re on your holidays you can carry the smaller version of the bottle in your bag and spray over your skin to keep in cool and clean. If you want to give you face a deeper clean, sprintz some toner on to cotton wool and wipe all over your face. This also contains Lavender & rose water to help soothe and calm your skin. This is priced at £3.95 for a small bottle which I advise getting first if you want to try and then goes to £7.95 if you want the bigger bottle.
Skin Drink - Moisturiser
Due to my skin having very dry patches, the lady recommended I try this moisturiser. It is full of oils and butters to help smooth out your skin and give it more life. This type of moisturiser won’t be for everyone due to it being so rich, so if you have more oily skin, I would advise you to have a chat with the Lush ladies and see what they advise. This is the most expensive out of the 3 products at £11.95 but it lasts for a good 5 months.

Having received excellent customer service and having been using these products since February, I can safely say that this is one of the best skin care ranges I have come across and will help any type of skin conditions. Lush is my new top tried and tested store!
Lush - website
  Brunel Shopping Centre  
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The Hair Group, Old Town, Swindon
The Brunel Shopping Centre Swindon
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