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Stocking fillers 

Waking up to find a bulging stocking hanging from the end of your bed is the reason most of us get out of bed on Christmas morning. And although we know that it probably wasn't a big-bellied, white-bearded man in a red suit who put it there, it's still very exciting.
Long gone are the days when a lump of coal would suffice, so we've put together this list of must-have items, to make shopping for your stocking-fillers easy-peasy.
Sling-Shot Flying Monkey
Sling-Shot Flying Monkey
Web link play.com - website
This hilarious toy will keep the kids (and big kids!) entertained for hours. Simple fun and great for laughs, the funky monkey can be catapulted up to 50 feet through the air, emitting a monkey call on it's launch! Bag this bargain at just 5 with free delivery from play.com.
Sleepy Bear Microwaveable Bed Warmer
Sleepy Bears
web link play.com - website
We might not be getting too much snow in Swindon this year, but we are guaranteed a chilly few months. And what better way to keep your little ones warm through the night, than with the Sleepy Bear Bed Warmer. Simply pop it in the microwave for two minutes and it will keep your bed warm for up to two hours. Also mildly scented with lavender for a peaceful night.

Racing Grannies
Racing Grannies
web link play.com - website
We don't think toys get much funnier than this, and we guarantee that the lucky recipient will definitely agree. Just wind them up, set them free, and watch the race begin. Just make sure you don't get in their way because this feisty pair could give you a stern telling off! A real bargain at just 5 from play.com.

'Save the Cheerleader' Heroes T-Shirt
Heroes T-Shirt
web link Amazon - website
Heroes is up there with Lost as one of our all-time favourite TV series. That's why we know this t-shirt will be a big hit. With 'Save the Cheerleader, Save the World'
Heroes T-Shirt
printed brightly across the front, it's certain to catch a lot of attention, and will definitely give the receiver a good laugh. Available in black, white, red or sky blue.
Christmas gifts for her
What do you get the lady who spends four hours of a weekend wondering which pair of jeans makes her bum look the smallest, let alone letting someone else decide for her? well here you are boys - look no further...
Christmas gifts for him
What do you get a man who has all the power tool accessories from Black and Decker and whose mother already buys him a Christmas themed jumper every year?...
The Hair Group, Old Town, Swindon