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Date added: 20 October 2010

Usain's bolt from the blue 

World's fastest man likes Swindon girls - but not the shopping
An insight into the sex life and shopping habits of the world's fastest man has been revealed today.
Usain Bolt and Swindon
Racy: Usain Bolt
And while superstar sprinter Usain Bolt has a penchant for girls from Swindon, the Olympic gold medalist seems less impressed with what's on offer retail-wise.
A big splash in the Sun newspaper today described how 'curvy' Gemma Jones from Swindon enjoyed an affair with the Jamaican athlete - until she mentioned the shopping opportunities in her home town.
"He told me all about Jamaica and I told him all about Swindon," she said after Usain invited her to the Caribbean for Christmas.
"He asked me if the shopping was good in Swindon and I told him it wasn't great.
"Once he heard that he seemed to lose interest in Swindon!"
Oh dear, we say! Perhaps Gemma could have mentioned the Puma shop at the Designer Outlet Village or, as Usain likes his expensive watches and Italian sportscars, a visit to Deacon's Jewellers in Old Town and then on to Dick Lovett Ferrari.
Madonna Swindon
Famous face:
He could, of course, follow in Madonna's footsteps and pop into Old Town Hardware. That's if he's as swift at putting up a shelf as he his on the running track. 
Red Planet Bikes also know what it's like to have a superstar at the till after Robbie Williams payed a visit last year. 
Some, come on, Usain. Don't be put off.
"Shopping here is definitely of Olympic standards," commented Brian Morris, operations manager of The Parade Shopping Centre.
"And we'd welcome him here anytime."
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