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Date added: 31 May 2011

Help Discover Coleshill's Secret Wartime Past 

Volunteers needed for stage 2 investigation - 02-07 JULY
Coleshill House and its grounds, now owned by the National Trust, were the English headquarters of Churchillís secret Auxiliary Units, a highly trained guerrilla volunteer force set up to hamper a successful
invasion by the German army.

After the success of the evaluation weekend work at Coleshill the National Trust has now been given the green light to Stage Two.

This is due to happen from Sunday 2nd July to Thursday 7th July at the Coleshill estate on the Oxfordshire/Wiltshire border.
Coleshill Uncovered
Coleshill Uncovered

In January 2011 the evaluation weekend (Stage One) located the remains of structures that were previously unknown, as well as discovering many finds including a very well preserved bayonet.

In Stage Two the team plan to re-visit the concrete bases that were previously cleared and will add trenches next to the structures, which will hopefully provide them with either further information about the
construction of the original buildings.

Other remains like the suspected ĎGenerator Baseí and military vehicle servicing ramp will be cleared of vegetation so they can build a clearer picture of their uses.

During Stage One, a number of strong signals were logged from both metal detecting and geophysics that the team plan to follow-up on.
Coleshill Uncovered
Stage 1


Some small test trenches may be put in to further investigate these.
The Coleshill Uncovered team are looking for volunteers to help search for further evidence of the headquarters and training grounds of Churchill's secret Auxiliary Units.

Anyone over 18 years of age can participate and no experience of archaeology is needed.
As the project has no funding the organisers have to charge a fee of £75 per person and this will cover you for the week.

For more info and terms of involvement please go to www.coleshilluncovered.co.uk
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