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Date added: 30 May 2012

Grass Required 

Do you know who tried to nick the Green at Highworth Bowls club?
Man hole covers, copper piping, lead roofing - it seems people will try and nick anything these days.
But grass? That's the latest attempted theft at Highworth Bowls Club.
Thieves tried cutting and rolling up the Green at the 76 year-old club late on Sunday night but soon realised it was a trickier task than they bargained for.
The sandy base of the near-immaculate bowling lawn meant lifting the turf was almost impossible, so gave up after managing to pinch - luckily for the members - just a few square feet.
The culprits even smashed a security light to divert attention away, relying on a nearby street lamp for lighting.
Highworth Bowls Club
Highworth Bowls Club
"It could have been worse but it's a bitter blow," said a member.
"Our season has only just started and we've lost nearly half the rink because of it. Anyone will tell you that this type of turf is useless anywhere else."
"It'll now need some specialist work and a lot of time on it to get it back to how it was."
Do you know who did this?
If you do the Highworth Bowls Club and Swindon Police would like to know. Details below.
Swindon Police - contact
  Highworth Bowls Club  
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