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Date added: 03 June 2016

Swindon's Best Fish & Chips? 

It's a British institution, but where's your favourite plaice?
Oh my Cod! It's National Fish And Chip Day - 03 June 2016.
So where's best in Swindon?
The last time we asked this question in 2012 (doesn't time fry?), the response was incredible.
In fact you could say we LOVE a good chippy, with one shop in particular coming out top.
Tell us your favourite in Swindon
More than 5,000 people have currently viewed the poll on www.facebook.com/swindonwiltshire with nearly 200 comments so far.

And your favourite top 3 fish & chip shops in Swindon are....

1) County Fayre Chip Shop on York Road
2) Mandarin Fish Bar in Greenmeadow
3) The Frying Fish on the Magic Roundabout
But if you know different, of course, then have your say.
Salt & vinegar, anyone?
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