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Date added: 25 January 2013

Oops! It's Parking Mayhem in Swindon! 

Snow joke for these frustrated motorist blocked in near the station
It wasn't the icy roads or a flat battery that stopped the drivers of these vehicles getting home today.
Look closely and you'll see half the cars are blocked in!!!
Car parking blocked in Swindon
Because the snow covered the lines designating the parking bays at the main Swindon station, the car park largely became a free-for-all for drivers leaving their cars in what appears to be an orderly manner.
But for fifteen vehicles it was anything but as cars parking during the day eventually blocked them in.
The picture was taken - and tweeted @SwindonWeb - by Ronald Raj at 2.20pm, who works on the third floor of Minton Place overlooking the station. Thanks Raj!
We're unsure how it was all resolved. If you owned one of the cars please tell us on Facebook.
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