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SWINDON VOICES: Maggie Thatcher 

Was the former PM good or bad for Britain.... and for Swindon?

Swindon Voices: More Homes or Green Spaces?
Today it was announced that former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher has died aged 87.
A controversial figure during her time in office from 1979 to 1990, her legacy and life as PM has always hugely divided opinion - and none more than in Swindon.
In 1986, the once great Railway Works here finally closed making hundreds unemployed. And council houses were sold for the first time.
But in contrast during the 80s, the town was described as the 'fastest growing in Europe', with the likes of Honda first starting to build here in 1985.
For those who remember the 1970s, they were indeed very different times under Margaret Thatcher.

But what do you think?

We took to Swindon town centre to gather opinions.


Margaret Thatcher & Swindon:
Did You Know?
1. Last Official Visit
Her last official visit as Prime Minister was on 20 August 1987, when she spent time at Princess Margaret Hospital talking to recovering victims of the nearby Hungerford shooting. See pictures below.
2. Husband Denis
Margaret & Denis Thatcher in Swindon
Her husband Denis was divisional director of planning and control at Burmah Oil now Castrol, and worked at their headquarters in Old Town for many years during the 60s & 70s. He drove the 83 miles from London to Swindon, there and back every day.
3. Thatcher Corner
Her Thatcher name originated in Uffington near Swindon, where many of Denis's ancestors are buried. When he died in 1993, Sir Denis's will requested for a plaque to be erected to his wife's memory on her death in the local church, St Mary's, where there is a 'Thatcher Corner'.
Margaret Thatcher in Swindon
Princess Margaret Hospital
20 August 1987
courtesy of Calyx Multimedia
Margaret Thatcher in Swindon
Calyx Multimedia
Margaret Thatcher in Swindon
Calyx Multimedia
Margaret Thatcher in Swindon
Calyx Multimedia
Margaret Thatcher in Swindon
Calyx Multimedia
Was that you in the background?!
Man watching Maggie Thatcher arrive in Swindon
Although we felt it a little inappropriate, we couldn't help but laugh at the last picture when you look at the people in the background watching on as the PM visited PMH.
It was obviously a hot day judging by the t-shirts and the guy on the left even preferring to go bare-chested as he watched Margaret Thatcher arrive in her Ministerial Jaguar - beer in hand by the look of things!
Dignatories aside, it's always good to see Swindon putting on a proper meeting party!
Was that you? Or do you know who it was? We'd like to know.
Margaret Thatcher in Swindon
Calyx Multimedia
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