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Date added: 12 March 2016

Swindon's Connection To Donald Trump 

VIDEO: Tenuous, yes. But worth a look all the same!....
He's the most controversial US Presidential candidate in modern history but love him or loath him, Donald Trump might just be the next President of the United States.
But 25 years ago, he was unbelievably more interested in League Cup football than the White House after TV footy legends Saint & Greavsie invited the billionaire businessman on to their show to do the draw for the Rumbelow's Cup, as it was known back in 1991.
And with Swindon in the hat after beating West Brom, Huddersfield & Millwall, the tension in Trump Tower must have been palpable.
But alas, after Jimmy Greaves picked out Swindon or Crystal Palace, Trump then picked out the eight ball and a possible tie with Nottingham Forest or Southampton..... a game that unfortunately never happened as Town lost to Palace 1-0 just when another big Cup run beckoned.
Tenous yes!.... but worth a look, most definitely. Just to see Trump's smarmy smile as he's introduced at the start - and for the fact he didn't insult us!
Not that he's got a hope in hell of being the President, of course. Leicester City have got a better chance of winning the Premiership, haven't they?........
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