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Date added: 21 April 2017

Jeremy Corbyn In Swindon 

Labour leader becomes first political heavyweight to hit Swindon
With the General Election campaign only 72 hours old, Jeremy Corbyn arrived in Swindon today to rally local Labour supporters.
The Leader of the Opposition spoke at the Central Community Centre in the town centre, where he started his talk by saying:
"I'm a Moonraker. I was born in Chippenham and my parents lived in Devizes, and it's lovely to be home!"
The Central Community Centre was chosen for Corbyn's speech, as it's well-known as the 'birth place' of the NHS, when it was founded by the Labour government in 1945.
The centre was previously the Medical Fund Hospital for GWR workers, and first opened 170 years ago this year.
See below for its full history.
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